More than just a collection of people, Oakland is an attitude based on an appreciation for hustle, a willingness to challenge the status quo, a celebration of diverse identities and cultures, and a deep love for your community. Oakland Roots S.C.’s #FacesOfOakland campaign presented by GIG Car Share is a tribute to everyone that shares these values.
Represent yourself, your family, your community, and support Oakland Roots by becoming a Face of Oakland.


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​A portion of the #FacesofOakland proceeds will support our four Purpose Partners.

​A portion of the #FacesofOakland proceeds will support our four Purpose Partners.

Soccer Without Borders: The Soccer Without Borders mission is to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success.

My Yute Soccer: My Yute Soccer is on a mission to provide access to a diverse socio-economic and cultural environment through the sport of soccer.

Chapter 510: Chapter 510 is a made-in-Oakland youth writing & publishing center. Their teaching artists and volunteers work side-by-side with educators to provide a safe space and supportive community for young people ages 6-18 to bravely write.

Street Soccer USA: SSUSA's mission is to fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer. SSUSA brings its programs to kids 6-18 years old, as well as special needs populations including homeless families, adults and people in recovery. They focus thier efforts on the 33% of youth who are living below the poverty line and have graduation rates between 55-65%.


About GIG Car Share

GIG Car Share is a safe, affordable, and convenient way to go where you need to go. It allows physical distancing and full control of your trip.

  • Pay as you go. As low as $0.40/min or $15/hour.

  • No need to return your car to the same place you picked it up, just end your trip in the HomeZone (the place where you can begin and end Gig trips). 

  • Parking (in the HomeZone), fuel, insurance, and 24/7 support are always included. 

Download the app, get in, and go! Use the code FACESOFOAKLAND to get $15 for 1 hour of free driving.

 *The offer is valid until 12/31/2020 at 11:59 PM PST for new Members only.


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